About Accuflex

Reduce Costs and Simplify Project Management

Accuflex is the authorized Scanning Bureau of Laserfiche for over 25 years. The Accuflex-Laserfiche relationship simplifies digitization, integration, and retrieval of your documents.

Working with a professional scanning service is an effective solution only if you have a partner you can trust. Exceptional service is defined by a concern for detail that goes beyond the fundamentals.

Accuflex’s scanning experience helps ensure that your documents receive the highest-quality attention at every step of the process. We work closely with you to find the solution that best suits your needs from customized indexing templates to special security measures.

Accuflex offers

  • On-site scanning services for clients who wish to retain documents on their premises, or who need uninterrupted access to their documents
  • Triple shredding of paper originals to provide secure document disposal
  • Image enhancement
  • Removal of staples, paper clips and tape
  • Page reordering

Our Customers

Accuflex scanning experience spans over 25 years involving some of the most complex projects. Our customers include universities, counties, cities, media companies and healthcare organizations. Examples of customers include Long Beach Press-Telegram, Long Beach Community College, Los Angeles County, City of Bellflower, City of Fontana, City of Long Beach, City of Santa Ana, City of Thousand Oaks, City of Redondo Beach, City of Santa Ana

Whether it’s scanning medical records, historical documents that need to be preserved and archived, or land deeds for public access, put AccuFlex’s experience to work for you today.

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